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Mark Heywood QC

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Recent Cases

Notable Cases

  • Operation Dowl [C.C.C.] 2018

    Suicide Terror Plot to Kill the Prime Minister

    Mark Heywood QC represented the Crown in this case involving the plot by two individuals to kill the Prime Minister. The plan was to detonate a bomb at the gates of Downing Street and then kill Theresa May with a knife or gun. 

    BBC report here.

  • R v. Edgington [C.C.C.] 2013


    Mark Heywood QC prosecuted the trial of the mental health patient, Nicola Edgington, for the murder and attempted murder of two women in Bexleyheath.

    You can read more about this trial clicking Here

  • R v. Armel Gnango [Supreme Court] 2011 UKSC 59 2011

    Appeal re: joint enterprise / transferred malice

    Mark Heywood QC along with Brian Altman QC represented the Crown before the Supreme Court on this leading authority regarding joint enterprise / transferred malice. The Supreme Court held, restoring Gnango's conviction for the murder of Magda Pniewska, that he was guilty of murder notwithstanding the fact that he had not fired the shot which killed Pniewska during the shoot out which led to her death, and that the fatal shot had been fired by his opponent in an attempt to kill him.

  • R. v. G; R. v. J [2009] UKHL 13; Archbold 2013: 25-67 2009

    Use of Articles for purposes of Terrorism

    Mark Heywood QC leading Ben Temple for the Prosecution at first instance, the Court of Appeal and the House of Lords where David Perry QC was also instructed.

    J was found to be in possession of an extensive library of religious, political, ideological, military and extreme Islamist material some of which had an express terrorist purpose, digitally stored on his laptop, I-Pod, telephone and numerous digital disks comprising several hundred hours of audio and video material and several thousand pages of documentation.   J was charged with possessing articles for a purpose connected with terrorism, contrary to section 57(1) of the Terrorism Act 2000.  J pleaded guilty to four counts contrary to section 58 of the Act.  The Court of Appeal then handed down judgment in R. v. K [2008] EWCA Crim.185 on the point of reasonable excuse under section 58(3).  J, having applied successfully to vacate his pleas, claiming erroneous legal advice in the light of R. v. K, re-entered not guilty pleas at a preparatory hearing in the course of which the Recorder of Birmingham, regarding himself bound by R. v. K, ruled on a question of law formulated by the Crown that, by reference to R. v. K, under section 58 where a reasonable excuse is raised the prosecution must prove a terrorist purpose.

    Leave to appeal to the House of Lords was granted.  The three certified questions raised substantial, complex issues.  The concept of reasonable excuse had to be considered across numerous statutory contexts.  The Crown’s appeals (G and J) were allowed and J, a year after he had first done so, pleaded guilty to four offences contrary to section 58.

  • R v. Levi BELLFIELD [C.C.C.] 2008

    Prosecution of Serial Killer

    Mark Heywood QC together with the then First Senior Treasury Counsel, acted for the Crown in this prosecution of the notorious Serial Killer Levi Bellfield for the murders of the 22 year old French Student Amelie Delagrange and the 19 year old woman Marsha McDonnell as well as the attempted murder of Kate Sheedy. In 2011 Bellfield was convicted of the murder of Milly Dowler and sentenced to a whole life tariff. 

    Wikipedia entry here.

  • Operation Seagram [Woolwich] 2008

    Planned Car Bomb attacks

    Mark Heywood QC along with Jonathan Laidlaw QC conducted the prosecution of 2 NHS Doctors for conspiracy to murder by planning car bomb attacks in 2007 at London's West End Tiger Tiger Nightclub and at the Glasgow International Airport.

    BBC news report here.

  • Operation Crevice [C.C.C.] 2007

    'Fertiliser' Bomb Plot

    Mark Heywood QC along with David Walters QC and Duncan Atkinson prosecuted the longest running Old Bailey trial which concerned the "Fertiliser Bomb Plot" and conspiracies to cause explosions throughout the U.K.

    BBC news report here