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General Crime

‘A serious outfit with the ability to take on very high-level cases’ - Legal 500 2017

Containing ‘a wealth of high-end experience’ in criminal law, ‘chambers is providing the full package at a time when others fail or fall by the wayside’. - Legal 500 2016

Chambers is recognised nationally as a leading criminal set and our members are able to provide representation at all levels of seniority across the full spectrum of criminal offending. Our practitioners have an unwavering commitment to provide advice and representation of the highest calibre coupled with advocacy that is frequently recognised by the judiciary, solicitors and clients to be of the very highest quality.


11 October 2017

Legal 500 2017

Chambers are delighted to again be recognised by Legal...

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All Recent Cases

  • R v. B [Southwark] 2017

    Threats to kill and persistent domestic violence

    Dominic Webber secured the acquittal of this vulnerable and suicidal defendant who was on the autistic spectrum. He was  accused of threatening to kill the mother of his baby son whilst pressing a shard of glass into her neck. It was also alleged that he had just thrown the headboard of a bed at her head which impacted with her face. The defendant maintained that the allegation was fabricated and photos relied upon were of injuries inflicted by another on an earlier occasion. The defendant was also cleared of all other domestic violence offences alleged and assaulting the complainant’s father. He maintained that another was responsible in relation to the complainant and the defendant was the victim of violence perpetrated by the father. Instructed by Martyn Hewett Solicitors.

  • R v. Adeniji [Southwark] 2017

    Facilitating entry to UK of teenage girl for exploitation

    Irshad Sheikh prosecuted this 50 year old job centre fraud worker who was found guilty after trial of arranging the entry into the UK of a 13 year old girl whom she kept as a personal slave and made to work 16 hours a day for 11 years. 

    Daily Mail report here.

  • R v. Daniels & ors [Isleworth] 2017

    Conspiracy to steal motor vehicles

    Ben Holt acted for the Crown, Daniels was charged with two others with conspiracy to steal motor vehicles. He worked for a BMW dealership and was convicted of stealing car keys and customer’s personal details before passing them on to other conspirators who would steal the cars that had been sold from his place of work. His co-defendants pleaded Guilty at PTPH; with one of them giving evidence for the Crown against Daniels. On conviction, Daniels was sentenced to 63 months’ imprisonment.

    News reports:

    Evening Standard

    Daily Mail

  • R v. KB & anr [Woolwich] 2017


    Gordon Carse represented one of three defendants in a two week cut throat trial. The prosecution arose following an undercover sting operation where meetings and communications arranging the purchase of a glock, MP5 assault rifle, and ammunition were covertly recorded. The defendant was acquitted by the jury. Instructed by Thos Boyd Whyte.


  • R v. Doherty & anr [Luton] 2017

    Preventing lawful Burial

    Ben Temple instructed by EHB Solicitors, acted for this 72 year old man at his trial who was charged with preventing the lawful burial of his sister in law and perverting the course of justice following the discovery of her body in a Luton Garden 12 years after her disappearance. The jury at his first trial was hung, Gregory Fishwick was Counsel at his Re-trial.

    Daily Mail report.

  • Operation Manningtree [Inner London] 2017 2017

    13 handed Violent Disorder following illegal 'rave'

    Catherine Pattison led Ben Holt in the Prosecution of 13 defendants for violent disorder that arose out of an illegal rave organised to take place on the night of Hallowe’en 2015 by a group called ‘Scumtek’. The violence was described as the worst in London since the riots of 2011 and resulted in the largest deployment of Police Officers since that time.

    News reports here:

    Evening Standard

    The Guardian


  • R v. Iqbal & ors [Harrow] 2017

    GBH Sc18

    Gordon Carse acted for the defendant who was alleged to be the principle in a group attack in which he chased and threw a young man from the roof of a building causing life-changing injuries. A submission of no case to answer was successfully made and the defendant acquitted following the successful resistance of the prosecution's appeal against the terminatory ruling. Instructed by Imran Khan & Partners.

  • R v. Burton [Southwark] 2017

    Radio Host accused of trolling a Muslim politician with Islamophobic tweets

    Ben Temple prosecuted this right wing radio host whom was jailed for vile Islamophobic' trolling of anti-racism campaigner.

    News reports below


    Daily Mail

  • R v. Pantellaro [I.L.C.C.] 2017

    Attempted Murder of Brother & Sister

    Jonathan Polnay was instructed to prosecute this Italian Martial Arts expert whom broke into and stabbed a brother and sister as they slept in their home. The attack was racially motivated and random. The Judge directed a not guilty verdict by reason of insanity and the defendant was detained for mental health assessment.

    Evening Standard report here.

  • R v. H & G [Snaresbrook] 2016

    Child Cruelty

    Robert Ellison successfully prosecuted this child cruelty case involving the sadistic torture of an infant. Issues included the admissibility of psychological evidence about the mother of the child.

  • R v. C & 8 ors [Snaresbrook] 2016

    Theft from Employer

    Aska Fujita represented the third of nine defendants charged with stealing a substantial amount of cash from their employer over the course of eight and a half years. Aska’s client was unanimously acquitted after a five-week trial. Instructed by Sternberg Reed.

  • R v. Coe [Southwark] 2016

    ‘Anjem Choudary’ associate

    Jonathan Polnay prosecuted this notorious associate of Anjem Choudhary for assaulting teenage muslim children who he saw holding hands.

    Press report here.

  • R v. Gutteridge [Portsmouth] 2016

    Possession of Class A drugs

    Paul Walker acted for this defendant, cleared of possession with intent to supply cocaine. Mr Gutteridge was found in possession of £5,000 worth of 87% pure cocaine. On his mobile telephone were messages relating to drugs supply. The Crown`s drug`s expert, Michael Ellis, was convinced that Mr Gutteridge was involved in the supply of drugs and told the jury so. Paul suggested a number of alternative theories to the expert in his cross-examination.  The defence was that he was about to throw away the drugs and the messages related to his management of an escort agency. Mr Ellis rubbished any suggestion that his conclusions were wrong. Mr Gutteridge was unanimously acquitted.

  • R v. Buchler [Isleworth] 2016

    Assault in 'Harrods' Food Hall

    Jeffrey Israel, led by Jonathan Goldberg QC, represented David Buchler, the former vice-chairman of Tottenham Hotspur FC who was accused of breaking a shopper’s nose in Harrods in a row over a croissant.

    Daily Mail report here.

  • R v. Ifemade [Woolwich] 2016

    Multiple Stabbings

    Paul Jackson acted for the defence of male charged with multiple stabbings, who was cleared by the jury following a trial. Instructed by McCormacks.

  • R v. James [St Albans] 2016

    Public Order Offence

    Paul Jackson represented a male accused of knocking unconscious another male in a drunken street brawl. The defendant asserted that he acted in self-defence only. The incident was captured on CCTV. Defendant acquitted.

  • R v. Mahmood & Smith - “The Fake Sheikh Trial” [C.C.C] 2016

    Trial of the "Fake Sheikh"

    Sarah Forshaw QC leading Danny Robinson were instructed by the CPS in the successful prosecution of the 'Fake Sheikh' and his driver for perverting the course of justice surrounding the 2013 failed prosecution of popstar Tulisa Contostavlos.

  • R v. Burke [Maidstone] 2016

    Sc 18 following a ‘bottling’ in a night club


    Paul Jackson acted in the Defence of male charged with a joint enterprise section 18 following a ‘bottling’ in a night club. The defendant required the use of an intermediary. Instructed by Bailey Nicholson Grayson.

  • R v. A & ors [Southwark] 2016

    Conspiracy to Import Medical Products

    Aska Fujita was instructed to represent the second defendant charged with conspiracy to import medical products without a licence. The Crown eventually offered no evidence and the defendant was acquitted.  Instructed by Sternberg Reed.

  • R v. Coad [Maidstone] 2016

    Public Order Offence

    Paul Jackson represented a male accused of knocking unconscious another male in a drunken street brawl. The defendant asserted that he acted in self-defence only. The incident was captured on CCTV. Defendant acquitted.

  • R v. H [Hull] 2016

    Evasion of Duty

    Aska Fujita represented a lorry driver charged with fraudulently evading over £200,000 of duty on tobacco. Following a guilty plea and mitigation, a sentence of 12 months was imposed.  Instructed by Sternberg Reed.

  • R v. MC [Inner London] 2016

    GBH Sc18

    Charlotte Hole defended this allegation of s.18 GBH using a knife and metal pole.  Extensive issues of non-defendant bad character, and cross-examination of medical experts.

  • R v. LP [Woolwich] 2016

    GBH Sc18

    Sam Bonner represented this defendant charged with s18 on ex-partner by breaking her jaw in three places. A plea was accepted to ABH after negotiation with the Crown.

  • R v. E & ors [Croydon] 2016

    Knife fight in Croydon

    Senghin Kong prosecuted 6 defendants charged with having offensive weapons including knives and a taser, who had a very public fight in the middle of a road near West Croydon Station. The trial involved cross-examination of a facial mapping expert called by one of the defendants who was later convicted. Instructed by CPS London.

  • R v. Walker [Lewes] 2016

    Violent Disorder

    Paul Walker defended in this Violent Disorder. Mr Walker was said to have been at the heart of an “orgy of violence” that followed a March for England in Brighton. The CCTV showed Mr Walker hitting people with an umbrella and charging across The Lanes at a rival group. Once the CCTV had been scrutinised by Paul and re-presented to the jury from the defence perspective Mr Walker was acquitted.

  • R v. Akhtar [Southwark & C.O.A.] 2016

    Appeal against a decision to stay proceedings

    Charlotte Hole successfully defended a prosecution appeal against a decision to stay proceedings involving a vulnerable defendant where special measures were essential for a fair trial, but had not been put in place by the Court.

    R v. Akhtar [2016] EWCA Crim 390

  • R v. V 2016

    Police Officers’ unlawful presence in defendant's home

    Hannah Wyatt defended in an affray trial. Successful legal argument in relation to officers’ unlawful presence in the defendant’s home. No evidence offered thereafter.

  • R v. S [C.C.C.] 2016

    Theft From Employer

    Senghin Kong prosecuted a defendant extradited to the UK to face multiple charges of theft from employer, which involved advising on speciality issues.

  • R v. S [Canterbury] 2016


    Dominic Webber represented this undergraduate whom was cleared of a violent assault upon a fellow student.

  • R v. S [Snaresbrook] 2016

    GBH Sc18

    Sam Bonner successfully represented the defendant who was charged along with other offences of causing grievous bodily harm to the complainant who suffered a fractured and dislocated shoulder. The charge of GBH was concluded after a successful no case submission and the defendant was unanimously acquitted on all other charges at the end of the trial.

  • R v. A [C.C.C.] 2016


    Sam Bonner successfully represented the defendant at the Central Criminal Court who was charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm by pouring boiling water on the alleged victim.

  • R v. S [Maidstone] 2016

    Sc18 Wounding by Stabbing

    Dominic Webber successfully defended in this case alleging the stabbing in the upper thigh from behind of a youth in an alley way.


  • R v. H & anr [Southwark] 2015

    International Cricket Match-Fixing

    Jonathan Polnay, Led by Jonathan Laidlaw QC, successfully defended a practising criminal barrister, accused of perverting the course of justice. The case attracted national and international press attention as it centred around an International cricketer, whom was also cleared, of lying under oath in a 2012 Libel trial.

  • R v. PM [Woolwich] 2015

    Child cruelty

    Valeria Swift prosecuted this cruelty of father on his young son. The case required very sensitive examination of the vulnerable victim. Defendant found guilty.

  • R v. D & ors [Winchester] 2015

    GBH Sc18

    James Martin instructed as defence counsel. The defendant was part of a large disorder that centred on the Poison Pub in Basingstoke. It was alleged that for his part in the disturbance he had smashed a bottle on someone’s head and had bitted off the ends of two fingers from a man’s hand. His defence was that the bottling incident was mistaken identification and the finger biting was self-defence. He was found not guilty by the Jury. Instructed by Goldkorns.

  • R v. Pasquale & ors [Isleworth] 2015

    Multi-handed football violence case

    James Martin instructed in a multi-handed football violence case. Allegation involved organised fighting between rival fans. Case depended largely upon the correctness of police identification from CCTV. After several days of legal submissions made by Mr Martin the identification evidence was ruled inadmissible due to the failure of the police officers to correctly follow the relevant codes of practice. Case was then abandoned by the Crown against Mr Pasquale.

  • R v. F 2015

    Theft From Employer

    Alison Wilkes represented a vulnerable defendant accused of theft of drugs from workplace (a retirement home).

  • R v PO [Inner London] 2015


    Valeria Swift instructed to defend a pilot with mental health issues accused of violent behaviour whilst armed with a knife. Defendant found not guilty.

  • R v. MD [Southwark] 2015

    Attempted Murder

    Valeria Swift acted as sole defence counsel in an apparently motiveless serious stabbing of taxi driver by woman of previous impeccable character – initially investigated by the police as an attempted murder - exploration of defences of insanity and automatism – following consideration of expert evidence defendant pleaded guilty to a section 20 offence and was immediately released from custody.

  • R v. B [Canterbury] 2015

    Importation of 18kg of Cocaine & 2kg of Heroin

    Dominic Webber defended this lorry driver who was cleared of all charges in respect of the importation of 2kg of heroin and 18kg of cocaine in holdall on an HGV trailer. 

  • R v. K [Canterbury] 2015

    Sc18 Wounding

    Dominic Webber successfully defended this alleged sc18 wounding with intent, defence of self-defence, with the victim suffering multiple knife wounds. 

  • R v. Spruhan [Chichester] 2015

    Arson with Intent to Endanger Life

    Paul Walker successfully represented this defendant charged with Arson with intent to endanger life. Mr Spruhan had poured petrol over his sister-in-law in a busy Waitrose store. He had then lit the petrol, which burned until a brave shopper somehow put out the fire. Following a trial and detailed analysis of the CCTV, Mr Spruhan (who did not give evidence) was found not guilty of arson with intent to endanger life.

  • R v. DR [Woolwich] 2015


    Charlotte Hole represented this defendant charged with possession of a disguised firearm (a taser with the appearance of a mobile phone) and faced a minimum 5 year sentence.  Successfully argued ‘exceptional circumstances’, allowing a suspended sentence to be imposed, following written submissions described as “a model of how to assist the Judge in a case such as this”.

  • R v. MM [Peterborough] 2015

    Indecent Exposure

    Charlotte Hole represented this defendant who was acquitted of exposure following cross-examination of children aged 8, 11 and 14, one of whom had Tourette’s syndrome, and acquitted in a linked trial of one count of possession of extreme pornography.

  • R v. MN & ors [Wood Green] 2015

    Gangland stabbing

    Catherine Farrelly led Valeria Swift instructed by the prosecution, in this 6 handed conspiracy to commit GBH, which included a premeditated attack on another youth, his stab wounds close to his heart which were very nearly life ending. This case required expert analysis of telephone evidence which equated to over 20,000 pages. Defendants convicted of conspiracy.

    News report here.

  • R v. Alasow [Snaresbrook] 2015

    Possession of loaded firearm with intent

    Catherine Farrelly was instructed in this Prosecution of a defendant who was charged with possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life and possession of ammunition. He had been stopped by police shortly after climbing over garden fences in east London and then disposing of a loaded firearm, fitted with a “silencer”. The case involved protracted legal argument over the admissibility of DNA and GSR expert evidence, all of which was ruled admissible.

    News Report here.

  • R v. Langridge [Maidstone] 2014

    Benefit Fraud

    Paul Jackson successfully defends a female charged with substantial benefit fraud offences.

  • R v. Capper [Maidstone] 2014

    Aggravated Burglary

    Paul Jackson represented a male charged with aggravated burglary, wounding with intent and possession of offensive weapons. The allegations were that the defendant carried out a revenge attack on a male in his home in the middle of the night as he had commenced a relationship with the defendant's ex-wife. A machete was used during the attack. Kent Online news report.

  • R v. Bailey [Snaresbrook] 2014

    GBH Sc18 on Brother

    Paul Jackson defended a male charged with causing his brother grievous bodily harm with intent. The defendant admitted causing injuries to his brother but only in lawful self-defence following an argument during which the complainant bit part of the defendant's nose off. Case dismissed at half-time.

  • R v. Richards [Basildon] 2014

    GBH Sc18

    James Martin represented this defendant who was outside a nightclub when he was involved in an altercation with a man. As a result of his injuries he was in a coma for some time and nearly lost his life. He was left with life changing injuries and his prognosis was not good. On the night in question the defendant always maintained that he acted in self-defence and that the man he struck had been behaving aggressively earlier in the evening. Much turned on the evidence of a number of witnesses. The defendant was found not guilty by the Jury in a matter of minutes.

  • R v. Gurklytre [Inner London] 2014

    Perverting the Course of Justice / Homicide

    James Martin represented this defendant who was the front seat passenger in her own car which was being driven by her partner. There was a fatal collision and two pedestrians were run over and were killed as they crossed the road. The car was then driven from the scene to a nearby carpark and set on fire. The Crown alleged that the defendant was party to the destruction of the car and was therefore guilty of attempting to pervert the course of justice. A submission of No Case to answer was made at the conclusion of the Crown’s case, this was upheld by the Judge and the case was dismissed.

  • R v. Miller [Portsmouth] 2014

    Attempted Murder

    Paul Walker defended Mr Miller a 76 year old retired businessman who had plunged a kitchen knife into his wife`s back. He had said “you will die now”. When the police arrived Mr Miller had told them that he had tried to kill his wife. Mr Miller was acquitted of attempted murder.

  • R v. TB & ors [Isleworth] 2014

    Aggravated Burglaries

    Jeffrey Israel represented the first defendant in a case involving a series of targeted aggravated burglaries in which the victims were woken in the middle of the night at gunpoint and their infant children threatened at knifepoint before being tied up and the properties ransacked.

  • R v KK & Ors [Portsmouth CC] 2014

    Conspiracy to Supply

    Chris Sutton-Mattocks led Hannah Wyatt in the defense of a senior member of a 10 handed conspiracy to supply cocaine worth over £600,000, during an 8 week trial

  • R v. Rasalingham [Maidstone] 2013

    Immigration Offences

    Paul Jackson defended a male charged along with 6 others of conspiring to bring Sri Lankan nationals into the country. The defendant was stopped with three such aliens in the back of his van. This case involved investigations by British, French, German and Dutch Police departments. Case dismissed at half-time.

  • R v. Haque [Snaresbrook & C.O.A.] 2013


    Paul Jackson defended a male charged with harassment, putting his own brother in fear of violence. The complainant was so discredited during cross-examination that the Crown offered no evidence declaring in explanation to the jury that "the complainant's credibility had been diminished to vanishing point". Not guilty verdict entered. The trial judge then imposed a post-acquittal restraining order under section 5A(1) of teh Protection from Harassment Act 1997 which was subsequently quashed by the Court of Appeal.

    R v Mohammed Emanul Haque (2014) EWCA Crim 832 and R v Mohammed Emanul Haque (2015) EWCA Crim 767.

  • R v. Idehen [Woolwich] 2013

    Threats to Kill

    Paul Jackson instructed in a case involving a male detained in the secure unit of a mental hospital who threatened to kill members of the nursing staff.

  • R v. De-Castro [Inner London] 2013

    GBH Sc18

    Paul Jackson defended a male charged with causing serious bodily harm with intent. The allegation was that the defendant struck the complainant twice to the back of the head with a hammer. Whilst that was accepted, the defence asserted that it was done in both self-defence and the defence of others. Particularly key for the defence was persuading the trial judge that the Crown could not adduce the fact that the defendant had fled  the country and been on the run for 5 years. Defendant acquitted.

  • R v. Carrington [Snaresbrook] 2013

    Cultivation of Cannabis

    Paul Jackson defended a male charged with the cultivation of cannabis in an out-building on his property. A light bulb inside that out-building was found to have the defendant's fingerprint on it. The defendant denied all knowledge of the cannabis. Defendant acquitted.

  • R v. John Davies &  [Maidstone] 2013

    GBH Sc18

    Paul Jackson defended a male charged jointly with three others of causing grievous bodily harm with intent by stamping on the complainant's head. A successful submission of no case was made at half-time based on the weakness of the identification evidence. Defendant acquitted. Instructed by Berry & Lamberts.

  • R v. X 2013

    Financial exploitation

    Alison Wilkes appeared for the Prosecution in the trial of a man with learning difficulties for the systematic financial exploitation of another with significant learning difficulties; intermediaries used to aid communication.

  • R v. M & ors [Wood Green] 2013

    Conspiracies to Handle Stolen Goods

    Andrew Collings was Leading Junior for the defence in this significant conspiracy to handle stolen goods. Total value of the conspiracy 10.5 million pounds of BMW parts.

  • R v. Folkes [Wood Green] 2013

    GBH Sc18

    James Martin represented this defendant, charged with kicking someone out of the top floor window of a double-decker bus in London. The man hit his head on the pavement as he fell from the moving bus and was paralysed. The defendant maintained that he was acting in self-defence as the man had attacked him and his girlfriend as they went to leave the bus. He maintained that he never intended to kick the man out of the window which gave way as the man fell into it. The defendant was found not guilty. 

  • R v. JS & ors [Woolwich] 2013

    Kidnap & Robbery

    James Martin was Junior alone in a multi-handed case, lasting 9 weeks at Woolwich CC. Allegations involved separate conspiracies to commit armed robbery, kidnap of two men, false imprisonment of the two men and Blackmail.The offences dated back to 2008 and these charges came about as the result of an intensive investigation into the voluminous phone traffic picked up at the time between those convicted in the original trial. This evidence was supplemented by the observations from undercover. Central issues in the case involved challenges to both cell site evidence and expert opinion on facial mapping.

  • R v. JG [Southwark] 2013

    Misconduct in Public Office

    Charlotte Hole was led by Ian Glen QC in this trial alleging misconduct in Public Office, a former police officer, acquitted after a trial. Instructed by Berry & Lamberts.

  • R v. Abdelrahman [Blackfriars] 2012


    Paul Jackson represented a male found with so many stolen electronic devices in a storage unit that he was dubbed by the Crown as "the modern day Fagan". Notwithstanding that the defendant was found not guilty by successfully relying on the defence of duress.

  • R v. Beckett [Inner London] 2012

    Bouncer charged with GBH Sc18

    Paul Jackson successfully defended a male bouncer at the Hammers Pub charged with causing grievous bodily harm. This was a case of mistaken identification with the defence providing the Police with the name of the real attacker. That line of inquiry was inadequately pursued by them. Following legal argument at trial, the Crown were forced to hold an ID procedure at court during which the complainant identified the person named by defence as the perpetrator.

  • R v. E-J 2012

    London riots

    Alison Wilkes acted for the Crown in this London riots prosecution for s18 GBH; ringleader who threw a brick through a police car window at a police officer.

  • Operation Withern 2012

    London riots

    Rishi Nathwani represented one of 22 Defendants charged with a pre-planned conspiracy to rob wealthy victims and commit violent disorder during the height of the riots in August 2011, where notorious London gangs joined forces to commit widespread disorder. Represented one of the principal organisers. Case revolved around telephone/cell site and video evidence.

  • R v. Newell [Reading] 2011

    Possession of class A drugs with intent to supply

    Paul Jackson defended a male charged with possession of class A drugs with intent to supply. Some time before trial the defendant sacked his original solicitors and Counsel. At trial the defendant accepted possession of the drugs but denied having any intent to supply. The Crown were allowed by the trial judge to put to the defendant a response to a question in the PCMH form asking what were the real issues, his original barrister, had written "no possession". The Crown sought to cross-examine on that statement as being inconsistent with his defence and plea to possession. The resultant

    R v Alan Newell (2012) 1 W.L.R.3142 overturning the decision in R(on the application of Firth) v Epping Magistrates' Court (2011) 4 All.E.R.326

  • R v. Caird [Maidstone] 2011

    Arson with intent to endanger life

    Paul Jackson defended a male charged with arson with intent to endanger life. The allegation was that the defendant's ex-partner witnessed the defendant throw a petrol at her living-room window whilst she was standing in it with their young child. This case involved many issues of law including the admissibility in the Crown Court of evidence produced for parallel family court proceedings. The defendant was acquitted.


  • R v. AN [C.C.C.] 2011

    Attempted Murder & Armed Robbery

    Jeffrey Israel defended a man accused of shooting a police officer whilst fleeing from the scene having committed a violent armed robbery. The case turned on forensic evidence, particularly DNA and firearm residue  

  • R v. McKenzie-Hewitt [C.C.C.] 2009

    Attempted Murder

    Martin Hooper was leading junior for a man accused of attempted murder by discharging a firearm in a crowded nightclub. The witnesses sought anonymity. This was the first case in the Country to apply the legislation implemented after R v Davis in the House of Lords

  • R v. JR & ors [Croydon 2009


    Jeffrey Israel defended in a Manslaughter of a football fan following a large-scale violent disorder between Charlton Athletic and Tottenham Hotspur fans following a pre-season friendly.