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Sarah Forshaw QC

Call: 1987

Silk: 2008

email: sarah.forshaw@5kbw.co.uk

Sarah Forshaw

"...Forshaw oozes class, her elegant delivery gave her the edge.....I could think of no one I would rather have representing me..."...Financial Times

Sarah Forshaw QC was appointed Queen's Counsel in 2008 following a successful practice as a junior, and quickly established a formidable silks practice, predominantly at the Central Criminal Court. She was nominated by Chambers & Partners as “Crime Silk of the Year” 2013 and is a former Leader of the South Eastern Circuit.

Miss Forshaw has been involved in a number of high profile cases, largely murders and sexual offences. They include the successful defence of one of twenty defendants in Operation Farnhams, the Victoria Underground Station murder, and of the first defendant in the Eddy Shah historic sex abuse trial. She specialises in offences involving serious and organised crime including homicide and cases involving the importation, manufacture and supply of drugs. Miss Forshaw is frequently instructed in the defence of professional individuals who find themselves charged under the Sexual Offences Act.

Additionally, Miss Forshaw is regularly instructed in cases of financial crime including VAT, diversion, Inland Revenue, mortgage, advance fee and other commercial fraud, together with fraudulent trading and DTI prosecutions. Regulatory experience includes providing advice and representation at the General Medical Council.

Sarah Forshaw QC is able to accept instructions direct from the public in appropriate cases. For further information in this regard please contact the Senior Clerk.


Queens Counsel [2008]
Chair - Central London Bar Mess [2008 - 2011]
SFO Approved Panel of QC's [2009]
Director of Education & Training for South Eastern Circuit [2011 - 2012]
Leader of South Eastern Circuit [2012 - 2014]
Bencher - Middle Temple [2013]


Criminal Bar Association
South Eastern Circuit

Cases Include:

R v. Pallant & 2 ors [C.C.C. - 2013]

Successful defence of businesman in the "Eddy Shah" historic sexual abuse trial.

Appeal of Goldie Coats [2013]

"Battered Women Syndrome" appeal case.

R v. Hassan & ors [C.C.C. - 2013]

Old Bailey trial concerning the murder of 18 year old man who had been accused of rape.

R v. G & 4 ors [C.C.C. - 2013]

Old Bailey trial concerning the brutal stabbing of a man in East London.

R v. T [Aylesbury 2012]

Successful defence of defendant with Aspergers of 42 Counts of Historic Sex Abuse.

R v. Leader [C.C.C. - 2012]

Old Bailey trial concerning the murder of a man outside an Islington Pub with a golf club.

R v. W [I.L.C.C. 2012]

Successful defence of firefighter accused of raping a colleague at new years eve station party.

Operation Farnhams [C.C.C. - 2011 - 2012]

Old Bailey trials concerning the brutal murder of Sofyen Belamouadden at Victoria station.

R v. Lowe & ors [C.C.C. - 2011]

Old Bailey trial concerning the brutal torture and killing of love rival.

R v. B & 6 ors [C.C.C - 2011]

Old Bailey trial concerning the death of a Sydenham schoolboy.

R v. D & 3 ors [C.C.C. - 2011]

Old Bailey trial concerning the murder of 15 year old schoolboy outside a school in South London.

R v. V & ors [C.C.C. - 2011]

Old Bailey Multi-handed Murder trial.

R v. M & anr [C.C.C. - 2010]

Old Bailey murder trial involving the brutal killing of ex-wife with hammer.

R v. S & ors [C.C.C.- 2010]

Old Bailey Murder & Sc18 wounding with complex matters of Hearsay & Anonymity.

R v. Foley [C.C.C. - 2010]

Old Bailey trial concerning secret gay tryst

R v. Sellman [Maidstone - 2010]

Murder. Baby shaking case involving the tragic death of a 25 day old girl.

R v. N & 2 ors [CCC - 2009]

Old Bailey Murder, stabbing of 15 year old boy in East London.

R v. Carty & anr [CCC - 2009]

Old Bailey Murder, stabbing of 22 year old man in Uxbridge.

R v. Jermey [CCC - 2009]

Murder of 34 year old Mercedes executive by her partner.

R v. Robinson [Southampton - 2009]

Fraud - Under declaring business profits and income tax.

R v. Taylor [2009]

Murder. Tragic case of the death of an 11 year old boy by drowning, the defendant the childs mother.

R v. Perryman [Lewes 2009]

Baby Shaking, child suffered subdural haematomas, retinal haemorrhages, multiple rib fractures and fractured ankle.

R v. Hussein & ors [CCC - 2008]

Murder. Shooting on notorious "sink estate" South East London.

R v. W [CCC - 2008]

Rape. Defence of BBC radio presenter accused of raping a man following New Year’s party.

R v. Harwood & anr [CCC - 2008]

Murder. Killing of 17 year old drug dealer in South London crack house.

R v M & anr [2007]

Murder. 14 year-old schoolboy accused of murder of fellow schoolboy.

R v. J S-K [2007]

Married lady teacher accused of 7 counts of sexual activity with a male student aged 15.

R v. P & 3 ors [2006]

Murder, 2 x Att Murder, Firearms - 12 week Essex "Gangland Execution" trial.