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Recent Cases

  • R v. Daniels & ors [Isleworth] 2017

    Conspiracy to steal motor vehicles

    Ben Holt acted for the Crown, Daniels was charged with two others with conspiracy to steal motor vehicles. He worked for a BMW dealership and was convicted of stealing car keys and customer’s personal details before passing them on to other conspirators who would steal the cars that had been sold from his place of work. His co-defendants pleaded Guilty at PTPH; with one of them giving evidence for the Crown against Daniels. On conviction, Daniels was sentenced to 63 months’ imprisonment.

    News reports:

    Evening Standard

    Daily Mail

  • Operation Manningtree [Inner London] 2017 2017

    13 handed Violent Disorder following illegal 'rave'

    Catherine Pattison led Ben Holt in the Prosecution of 13 defendants for violent disorder that arose out of an illegal rave organised to take place on the night of Hallowe’en 2015 by a group called ‘Scumtek’. The violence was described as the worst in London since the riots of 2011 and resulted in the largest deployment of Police Officers since that time.

    News reports here:

    Evening Standard

    The Guardian


  • R v. Oorloff & Dickinson [Guildford] 2016

    £2m 'Rare Earth Metal' Fraud

    Jonathan Polnay led Ben Holt in this “boiler room” rare earth metals fraud. Both Defendants were convicted after trial of selling worthless Rare Earth Metals as part of an investment. The total value of the scam was £1.9m. Both defendants were convicted and sentenced to a total of 11 years’ imprisonment. Instructed by CPS Headquarters Central Fraud Group.

    News report here.

  • Operation Tineid [Blackfriars] 2015


    Catherine Farrelly led Ben Holt for the Crown. Defendants were charged with arranging co-defendants to take driving test on behalf of other people. NCA investigation, instructed by the Organised Crime Group at the CPS.

    News report here.

  • R v. A & ors [C.C.C] 2015

    Standing Order Fraud

    Jonathan Polnay led Ben Holt for the Crown in a nine-handed standing order fraud that was set up and orchestrated by an inside man working with Nationwide bank. Case involved a considerable amount of forensic and banking evidence. (Investigated by DCPCU, instructed by CPS SCU). Jury were unable to reach a verdict on defendant said to be “inside man”. Prosecuted re-trial alone and the defendant was convicted. Mail Online news report.

  • R v. S 2015

    Armed Robbery

    Ben Holt prosecution counsel in an armed robbery trial. Crown’s case relied solely on ANPR, cell site and other circumstantial evidence. Defendant convicted and imprisoned for life.

  • R v. M & M [Woolwich] 2015

    NHS fraud

    Ben Holt represented the husband of an NHS employee, in a prosecution brought by NHS Protect. The wife was alleged to have stolen £300,000 from her employer whilst working for the NHS. The husband was said to have acquired the criminal property. Significant quantity of evidence served (over 10,000 pages). Ben acted alone; other parties in the trial had two counsel. Hung jury. Evening Standard news report.

  • R v. S & ors [C.C.C] 2014

    Card fraud by ATM skimming

    Catherine Pattison led Ben Holt for the prosecution in two separate sets of proceedings relating to Romanian nationals who were charged with card fraud by ATM “skimming”. This was sophisticated organised crime group who were making equipment to capture individuals’ bank account details when they inserted their cards into an ATM. A total of 13 defendants were charged with offences ranging from conspiracy to defraud, possessing articles for use in fraud and transferring criminal property. (Investigated by DCPCU, instructed by CPS SCU). Mirror Online news report.

  • Operation Kennedy [Portsmouth] 2014

    Conspiracy to supply class A drugs

    Gordon Carse led Ben Holt for the defence in this multi-handed Class A conspiracy trial. The defendant was alleged to have been part of a conspiracy to supply over £600,000 of cocaine in and around the Portsmouth area. The defendant’s involvement and role were underpinned by cocaine found in his possession, call data and text messages. The defendant was acquitted. Sentences totalling 54 years imprisonment were handed down.

  • R v. T [Chelmsford] 2014

    Firearms and drugs

    Ben Holt represented a defendant charged with possession of firearm with intent to endanger life and drug supply offences. Convicted of the drug matters and simple possession of the gun. Sentenced to an eight-year term of imprisonment.

  • R v. R & ors [Croydon] 2013

    Kidnap trial

    Catherine Pattison led Ben Holt for the prosecution in this 5-handed kidnap trial. This case involved counsel reviewing a considerable amount of unused material. This included downloads from over 40 mobile telephones.There were numerous issues relating to sensitive disclosure. The case against the defendants was solely reliant on cell-site and tracker evidence. One defendant was convicted and received a prison sentence of 12 years. Instructed to draft respondent’s notice to appeal. Leave refused; renewed in front of the full Court and refused. (Investigated by Kidnap & Special Investigation Unit of the Met, instructed by CPS SCU).

Notable Cases